Spatial Data Management

Collect, integrate and publish spatial data

GeolinQ is a web-based software solution to link and publish spatial data in an efficient and flexible way. GeolinQ covers the complete value chain from import to the distribution of data. Data from various sources is linked by data models and is immediately available for visualisation and publication.


GeolinQ offers various pre-configured datasources for import and storage of several Dutch key registrations, such as registration of buildings and addresses (BAG), cadastral Information (BRK) and large scale topographical information (BGT). On top of that custom datasources can be configured to import data files, to harvest data from web- and download services, to process messages and to access data in external databases. Data can be managed efficiently and datasources can easily be exchanged between different GeolinQ installations. Point-, raster-, vector- and administrative data sets are supported. 


Data models define data structures and semantics of data stored in GeolinQ. Data models allow the integration of datasets from various data sources to new datasets in order to provide new insights or comply with national and international standards such as the Dutch RSGB data model for local governments and European INSPIRE data model. Updates in datasources are immediately visible in linked datasets in other data models. Data models can easily be exchanged between GeolinQ installations.


Datasets are available for users in various ways and formats. GeolinQ offers functionality to query, visualize and analyze data. Client portals can be configured were maps and datasets are made available for specific user groups. Map-layers are visualized using configured styling and end-users can export datasets.The user interface appearance can be adjusted for each portal by adding the organization’s specific color scheme and logo. In addition datasets are published and distributed by web services but can also be exported to files for use in other systems.

Tenant architecture

A tenant architecture is the base of GeolinQ offering extensive options per tenant for user group specific authorizations. In addition GeolinQ is platform independent and offered as a cloud solution as well as an on premise solution. Open standards are used to integrate seamless with third party solutions.