Spatial Data Management


The S-57 standard is defined by the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) and is used as file format to store Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC). An ENC is used in combination with an Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) on vessels for navigational purposes.

GeolinQ S-57 datasource

A standard S-57 datasource is avialable to GeolinQ users in order to import S-57 ENCs in the S-57 file format. The ENCs are imported in a S-57 datasource by .000 files or multiple .000 files in a .zip archive. The separate ENCs are stored in a dataset to allow the storage of multiple ENCs in a single S-57 datasource.

The S-57 objects are imported as features with a reference to the ENC. As a result the features from various ENCs are stored together in a single dataset. A view is generated for each feature type to ensure that for example buoys and contours  can be visualised as different layers.

Specific styling may be defined for each S-57 feature class in GeolinQ. A configured datasource will become available soon containing the styling for the most important S-57 symbols.

Finally the S-57 feature layers can be combined with bathymetry layers using the GeolinQ maps functionality or can be made available as WMS or WFS services.