Spatial Data Management


Stuf-TAX a Dutch standard for real estate valuation that is widely used in the Netherlands. The standard is used the exchange data between local governments and valuation consultancy firms. For local governments the valuation of all real-estate objects in the municipality is key as it is used as taxes are based on these figures.

By integrating Stuf-TAX datasets with other key registrations many new insights are available.   

The Stuf-TAX 4.0 datasource offers functionality to import Stuf-TAX files in GeolinQ. The datasource fully complies with the Dutch standard for real estate valuation. Views and links to other datasource can be configured by end-users.

The datasource is generated and configured by IntellinQ using the documentation offered by the  Waarderingskamer (in Dutch only). In this case it is not possible to generate the data model automatically in GeolinQ as there isn’t a XSD available for the StuF-TAX standard. The model is available for all GeolinQ users.