Spatial Data Management

GeolinQ 1.3.13 available

In GeolinQ 1.3.13 a new configurable client portal is introduced to visualize maps and distribute datasets. For various end user applications, like a project or customer group, it is possible to configure portals were maps and datasets are available for each specific user group. The user interface appearance can be adjusted for each portal by adding the organization’s specific color scheme and logo.

Multiple maps and datasets can be added to each client portal. Maps and data sets can be made publically available or protected by a username/password. Map-layers are visualized using configured styling and end-users can export datasets.

Using the GeolinQ 1.3.13 client portal functionality it is easy to provide up-to-date and user group specific maps and data sets to specific end-user groups. Portals are based on data sets, maps and map layers from datasources and can be configured in minutes.  New data is immediately available in maps for end-users.    

Next to the introduction of client portal functionality also a number of other enhancements are introduced for further improved user experience.