Spatial Data Management

Mei 2016: Dutch key register data models available as GeolinQ Datasources 

Three Dutch key registers concerning addresses and real estate information (BAG), cadastral Information (BRK) and Topographical information (BGT) are now available as a standard Datasource for all GeolinQ product users. 

BAG, BRK and BGT Datasources

GeolinQ users will find the Datasource configurations for the key registrations in their support portal. After downloading and importing the Datasources they are able to import Cadastral BRK and BAG files. The BGT Datasources offers functions to harvest all available topographical key register data (BGT) that is available as open data at PDOK:

All data harvested using datasources in GeolinQ can be linked to other datasets and used as content for data models, visualisation and distribution.