Spatial Data Management

Using authentic registrations in the Netherlands

Currently there are 11 authentic registrations and an equal amount of registers in the Netherlands. Public bodies must use these registrations in all their processes. Examples of authentic registrations are cadastral data, addresses and real estate data and the chamber of commerce registrations. Organizations not only need to use the key registrations but need to link the key registrations and their own datasets to run their processes smoothly. In addition employees of the public bodies as well as citizens need to get easy access to all authentic registrations.  

GeolinQ offers functionality to harvest data from authentic registrations and keep them up-to-date. By extracting the data directly from the National Registers and transactional processing of modified data is updated automatically. By validating the data to the technical standard the reliability of the data can be guaranteed. 

In GeolinQ every authentic registration is a configured datasource. Datasource can be linked to each other offering option to integrate datasets for end users.  For the Netherlands multiple configurations for authentic registrations are available.

The solution has an added value for authentic registrations and other standards with a technical model available as a XSD. Parsing XSD’s to create automatically a data model based on the technical data model of the XSD and configurable options to harvest and process transactions are core GeolinQ functionality.     

Linking authentic registrations and other datasets

GeolinQ offers functionality to configure links based on one or more attributes like address, chamber of commerce number, real estate id’s etc. Authentic registrations and datasets from other datasource can easily be linked and distributed to end-users.  

In the Netherlands a standard data source configuration to link most authentic registrations to an integrated data model is available. 

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